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Trek Stop Has Closed

It’s all somewhat complicated, but very simple. While Trek Stop Bicycles has been successful as a business, outside factors required the new owner to sell our building, and the store has now ceased to operate.


Trek Stop was founded back at the start of 1990. Gerry Hovagimian was a partner in another bike shop that failed and made a commitment to Trek to sell the remaining inventory on his own so that they would be paid what was owed. Gerry was a world-class mechanic and all-around good guy, so the shop took off. We started in one unit at 156 South Main Street in South Grafton. By the time Gerry decided to build his own store, we occupied three of the four store fronts as well as two studio apartment spaces upstairs for storage. Around 2012, we moved to the new, train station styled storeat 49 North Main Street in North Grafton.

Gerry had some health challenges and started to slow down, then became largely unable to work during the winter of 2016-2017. The rest of us kept things going on his behalf, and then in his memory after he passed away in July of 2018. Unfortunately, the processing of his estate led to expenses for his heir with all of the proceeds being claimed by the bank that held the store building mortgage. At that point, the store was in the healthiest financial position it had been in twenty or more years, but the only way the owner was going to have the money he needed for unrelated expenses was the sale of the building. As a result, he sold the building and those of us who operated the store decided that the effort involved in relocating everything wasn’t justified for the amount of time we were willing to continue to operate it, and thus ends the saga of Trek Stop.

If anyone is looking to reach any of us, we will try to keep this page, the Facebook page and the info@trekstop.com email address active for as long as we can.

Trek Stop Bicycles

49 N Main St
North Grafton, MA 01536
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